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As a leading provider of information on NON-INVASIVE METHODS TO OVERCOME- ADD, ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITIES, HYPERACTIVITY, DYSLEXIA & AUTISM- According to medical research - this information will also be assistance to help reduce the negitive effects of ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, PARKINSON'S DISEASE, (CTE) - Chronic Trumatic Encephalopathy and other NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES. Our service is to provide research information on non-invasive- non-drug methods and avoiding dangerious side effects of allowpathic drug medications.. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. This information is based on the unpublished research and theories of the late Dr. Philip J. Hodes,PhD/ Ed- who was a researcher for Gary Null- (see - Dr. Robert Atkins, MD, and many others in the NYC Health Radio network.(please read & note his work in "Nutrition and the Mind" & "Food- Mood- Body Connection" by Gary Null).

THIS RESEARCH WEBSITE WAS WRITTEN & ORGANIZED BY JAMES TAYLOR KIESER.AFTER VISUAL TRAINING WITH THE LATE DR HODES I DREW DR HODES AND VARIOUS DRAWING. THE COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS WERE DRAWN BY DAVID DEES WHO NOW LIVES IN SWEDEN. PLEASE VISIT A and please give a donation to his organization to promote this true & historical art work. The art work assumes no  liability or insult of the charactors- it is mearly used as political humor.

About Mr. Kieser, he is an inventor,medical researcher and former Olympic Weightlifter.While at Temple University he studied under Dr Fred Hatfield, PhD who has the W/R of over 1000/lbs Back Squat, Dr Hatfieldwrote over 50 scientic books and research papers as well as Editor in Chief of 'Sport Fitness Magazine' and STRENGTH COACH of several NFL Teams. One Goal of Dr Hatfield was to make POWER LIFTING an Olympic Sport: deadlift, benchpress & back squat. During my two decades of training in OlympicWt/Lifting, I trained with many Olympic Athletes and members of various US Olympic Teams. After the1980 Olympic Moscow Boycott, the sport of Olympic Wt/Lifting died out. However, I did get a chance to meet several of the Gold Medal Soviet Wt/lifters. Due to years of very heavy wt/training, I developed serious abdominal injuries and I helped develop a simple medical device to reduce abdominal pain- called the 'Well's Step' invented by Dr Wells who studied under the world famous Dr.Bernard Jenson. Although the Orthodox Medical Establishment refused to regonize it's importance we did have one customer - Muhammed Ali.

In our personal and private meetings with Ali,he agreed to endorse the Atlantis Squat Machine invented and patented by my dear friend Randy Coyle - and endorsed by Bill Grant - who was Mr. America (see He did several movies with his friend -Arnold S.-see his web site. Former Mr.America's- Frank Zane, LarryScott, Steve (Hercules)Reeves - have endorsed the machine according to my good friend & body builder - Clark Sickels. By the way, Frank Zane was trained by my friend Dr.Robert Sorge,ND,PhD- was the only person -ever-to beat Arnold S. in the Mr Amercia Body Building contest. PLEASE GO TO - Atlantis Squat Machine,also please go to the elastic exercise cable site at - -/licensed partnerships section

The point I am trying to illustrate, the years of reseach- study of nutrition, histology, diet, body chemistry, research I learned from Dr Sorge,ND and my late friend Dr Hode,PhD, that I had- applied to Olympic Wt/Lifting,I now applied to ALTERNATIVE/ NATURALPAPHIC MEDICINE in the field of non-invasive methods to treat the underline cause of disease, ADD/ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITIES, HYPERACTIVITY, DYSLEXIA, & AUTISM- as well as movement exercises for Alzheimer's,Parkinson's patients. As some may understand, doing the Snatch & Clean & Jerk - one must visualize the movement - mentally- before attempting the lifts.It is a -mental visual 'thinking sport'. Under the training Dr Hodes and VISUAL TRAINING by Dr Sinaway, OD - I began to understand the importance of visual /movement - sports vision training as a means of a non-invasive method to reduce learning disabilities WITHOUT the use of DANGEROUS MEDICATIONS. MY GOAL IS TO PROMOTE THE RESEACH OF THE LATE DR HODES,PhD, DR BEN LANE,OD,PhD THE KNOWLEGE I LEARNED FROM DR SINAWAY,OD, THE RESEARCH OF GASELL MEDICAL SCHOOL 1949 RESEARCH PROJECT AT YALE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL, THE NASA SPACE ACT I SIGNED -(resistance device) FOR THE PROMOTION OF NASA RESEARCH FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. - (see - The 900 unpublished research papers of Dr Hodes to be promoted  'freely' as an MEMORIAL TO THE RESEARCH THEORIES OF DR HODES-


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